Sharing – Setting Boundaries Emerging from Pandemic Isolation

I’ve been considering what this looks like for myself quite a bit lately:

“As places reopen and more social interactions become acceptable, figuring out what makes you feel safe and communicating your boundaries is a good place to start.”

I have to admit, that even in a situation where I feel like I’m not in much danger of COVID-19 any longer, I’m also still feeling a ton of social anxiety. I have to decide what level of comfort I have with people, and how to communicate that to other people. I thought the tips offered in the article below make a lot of sense.

Personally, I’m still in that phase of figuring out who I feel safe with, where I feel safe, and what kinds of activities I want to attend. It’s going to be a process. It’s going to be awhile before I’m ready to be a crowd. But, I might go for a walk or sit outside with a friend or two. Hopefully, people will understand that. I guess if not, I can wait to see them.

What kinds of boundaries are you going to need to have in place?

Also, I’ll try and be understanding of what boundaries other people need. I will probably even ask. Why make someone uncomfortable?

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