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Sharing – Your Guide to Reentering Society Post-Vaccine

If I’m being honest with myself, I need this. I’m probably dealing right now with a level of social anxiety that is far and above anything I’ve ever dealt with before.

“Whether you have brain fog or are anxious to leave the house, know that you’re in good company. The best news is that socializing has always been messy, complicated, and often embarrassing. Use this reentry into society as a fresh start to socialize more mindfully and empathetically than you used to. Give yourself permission to fail at this peopling thing, and focus instead on how you can ease the reentry for other people. “

Clay offers some really helpful, and practical advice. Focusing on making other people comfortable, is a great start. Now, once I start actually seeing people again, will I remember all of it? Probably not, but I do plan on visiting this resourc a few times.

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