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Reviews Elsewhere – Level Up by Michelle Ribiero

Michael Dinich provides some insight into a book designed to help all of us become mentally stronger, and build resiliency:

Michelle Ribiero’s guidebook for mental toughness transcends its goal by being more than a self-help book, but a testament that anyone, anywhere, can achieve their goals with the right advice.


He goes on to describe what seems like a challenge, but then again, if you’re going to build mental toughness, why wouldn’t that be a challenge?


In Level Up, Ribiero deviates from the norm with a far larger number of practical prompts, exercises, and quizzes than is typically offered. In doing so, she allows anyone to accomplish precisely as the title suggests?increase their mental toughness.

This seems like quite the workbook. If you’ve used it, or any similar workbooks in your own healing, let us know how that worked for you in the comments.

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