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Reviews Elsewhere – What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma

I’m sharing this quick review of the book by journalist Stephanie Foo for four reasons:

  1. She shares her story of child abuse and Complex PTSD, which I know is something many of my readers have also dealt with.
  2. She talks about the things that worked and didn’t work.
  3. She shares the limited resources that are available.
  4. So that I could grab this quote from the book that Robert shared in his review:

Eventually she came to the realization that one does not move on from trauma, but they can learn to move forward with it.

Here’s a theory: Maybe I had not really been broken this whole time. Maybe I had been a human—flawed and still growing but full of light nonetheless

I want all of us to ponder that line for a little bit and think about it. Consider the possibility that you, as a survivor, are not broken. Maybe you are just human. Maybe everything you see as broken is just a natural reaction to abuse in the same way every human carries things forward into their lives from their past. That’s not to say the harm isn’t real. Indeed it is very much real. It might not, however, have changed the possibility of our light still being inside us.

You are still human and you still have value in this world.


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