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Sharing – Where Does Shame Come From?

Elisabeth’s description in the opening paragraph is powerful and true:

“Shame drives much of our futility which keeps us stuck and spinning on our most purposeful goals.  Shame encourages our worst fears to spin around in our minds repeatedly as we wait for bad things to happen, things we unconsciously believe we deserve.  Shame has a devastating impact on our lives, but when we start to dig deep to the source of the shame, we can make the realization that it holds no credibility.  Shame is simply a bunch of lies.  Through our traumatic experiences, it has gained a tremendous hold on our lives despite our deep desire to shine.  In our healing journey, our goal is to break that hold by understanding where the shame started.”

Those who have suffered childhood trauma often have shame that we cannot place. Sometimes because our memories are foggy and we can’t place them, maybe more often because shame became part of us as we grew up. Our very development occurred in the middle of shame, so much so that we aren’t even aware of it.

It just is. It has always been and always will be.

Except that’s not correct at all.

Read more at the link below, and if there is anything I would want you to take away, it’s the importance of seeing the shame we feel as survivors for what it is, and what it isn’t.

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