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Sharing – Why I Post About My Mental Health on Facebook

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Those folks need the opportunity to see another side to the story, and the more people who can safely tell their stories, the more we can let those folks know that they are, in fact, not alone.

If I’ve learned one thing from having this website for close to 20 years and being active on various social media platforms, it’s that you never know who is reading, and how it might impact them. Some people will tell you, and others will never mention it, but they are reading it. Would you rather be the person who helped someone feel less alone, and provided some hope, or the person who shut them down?

I know which one I have chosen.… Read More

Sharing – How my Facebook post about suicide uncovered so much hidden male pain and suffering

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I have managed to be somewhat successful by society’s standard. I am also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. To assume that must mean I wasn’t that hurt by it, is to tell me that you know nothing of my life, or the lives of thousands of other men like me. Is it any wonder so many don’t come forward and talk about it?

But, as the article below points out, there are too many men in pain, with nowhere to go, for us to not talk about it. They deserve better.… Read More

Sharing – Ending Mental Health Stigma Takes More Than Talking

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Obviously, talking about can lead to these other things. Not talking about it won’t get us anywhere. But we need to do more than talk, we need to figure out better ways to treat people who need it, and make it accessible. That doesn’t happen until all of society understands the importance of it, and is truly educated about it. So, keep talking, but also keep demanding better.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Oct 25, 2020

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A Call For Greater Investment In Workplace Mental Health: Leaders From Facebook, YouTube, Best Buy, Verizon Media And More Weigh In

‘Mental health can affect everyone’

Self-Compassion As A Life Skill

The Best Psychology Podcasts of 2020

How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes

Eradicating the roots of childhood trauma

Photography as Therapy: How To Keep Your Mind Positively Occupied

Mom Who Lost Daughter Now a Mental Health Advocate… Read More

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