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Sharing – Sexual-Abuse Survivors Are Getting Sucked Into QAnon

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Frankly, I am concerned too: “Experts on child sexual abuse are extremely concerned about the rise of conspiracy theories, particularly in what are intended as safe places for survivors. “It’s very discomforting” to know that sexual abuse survivors are being … Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Oct 25, 2020

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A Call For Greater Investment In Workplace Mental Health: Leaders From Facebook, YouTube, Best Buy, Verizon Media And More Weigh In

‘Mental health can affect everyone’

Self-Compassion As A Life Skill

The Best Psychology Podcasts of 2020

How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes

Eradicating the roots of childhood trauma

Photography as Therapy: How To Keep Your Mind Positively Occupied

Mom Who Lost Daughter Now a Mental Health Advocate… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Oct. 11, 2020

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How To Cope When We Feel Overwhelmed

Stigma and experiences of abuse stopped me from speaking out about my mental health

From Childhood Pain to Empowerment

Celebrating differences: World Mental Health Day 2020 toolkit : Mentally Healthy Schools

Facebook Introduces Mental Health Resource Hub

How to Set Limits When People Demand Too Much of You

What is psychological first aid and how do i practice it?

October Mental Health Awareness Events… Read More

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