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Sharing – Sexual violence against boys is far more common than we think

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These are the stories we don’t hear about often enough, and that leaves a whole lot of victims out on their own when it comes to finding support.

“What do you think you know about boys and sexual violence? I thought I knew that boys are victims only rarely, and I automatically equated “child sexual abuse” with adults preying on kids. But I was wrong on both counts.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Feb. 21, 2021

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The Confess Project: How barber shops support mental health

‘Why Does Being Told to Stay Positive Piss Me Off So Much?’

Changing the Conversation About Suicide in the Black Community

It’s Not Just You: The Pandemic Has Made Social Anxiety So Much Worse

How to Create an Antidepressant Home

Boys, too, are victims of sexual violence

The Power Of A Good Friendship

Victims and survivors of sexual abuse being reminded they are not alone… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Feb. 7 2021

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Denver sent mental health help, not police, to hundreds of calls

44 Black Mental Health Support Resources for Anyone Who Needs Them

When Black Mental Health Suffers, We Aren’t Taken Seriously

I’m a survivor of child sexual grooming. It took me 20 years to know it wasn’t my fault

Make Space, Listen, Offer Hope: How To Help A Child At Risk Of Suicide

4 Ways to Talk to Boys About Suicide

We must overcome gender stereotypes to support survivors

Recognizing Suicidal Behavior

When a Mental-Health Crisis Lands You in Jail… Read More

Sharing – A third of parents are embarrassed to seek mental health support for their children

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We are going nowhere with this. We are still looking at kids with mental health struggles as a product of bad parents, and discouraging parents from getting their kids the help they need at a young age. Then, without treatment, they just grow up into adults with worsening symptoms who need ever more help.

Is this really the cycle we want to be in? This makes no sense. It’s not about raising awareness anymore, I suspect it’s about putting an end to passing judgment on every single thing parents do, or don’t do. We’ve got to stop that. We’re only hurting more and more kids.… Read More

Sharing – Population vs Individual Prediction of Poor Health From Results of Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening

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Now, here comes a study, linked below, that has done the real scientific research and found:

“ACE scores can forecast mean group differences in later health problems; however, ACE scores have poor accuracy in identifying individuals at high risk for future health problems.”

Yes, there are statistics that show that there’s an impact at the societal level from childhood trauma. We should be addressing those issues as a society, things like child poverty, parents in the prison system, abuse, neglect, etc. because we know that as we lessen those impacts on kids, and make resources available for the kids who’s trauma we can’t prevent, we can impact the overall increases in depression, addiction, crime rates, etc. that are a direct result of childhood trauma. But, at an individual level, these things aren’t fate. How one person navigates trauma and is impacted by it, is not going to come down to just the number of traumas they dealt with as a child. When we identify one person with 4 or more ACEs according to the survey, all that really tells us is that it’s basically 50-50 whether or not they are depressed, or there’s a close to 30% chance they’ve used illicit drugs, but a 70% chance they haven’t. One person is not going to neatly fit every category and shouldn’t be treated as if they do. … Read More

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