Been awhile

Yeah it’s been awhile since I had anything to say over on this side of the world. I guess that all has to do with being busy. Haven’t had a whole lot of time to really be contemplative lately, so it means less posting over here. Of course that usually means more posting over on the Tech Blog, so it’s a mixed bag. 🙂

But it’s also a sign that maybe I need to slow down a bit and take stock of where I am with my emotions and my mental health. This weekend’s our first wedding anniversary and while it means more activity, as we travle to Chicago for the weekend, it’s also a good opportunity to pause for a few moments and make sure I’m not bringing any unneeded emotional baggage with us on the trip! I want this to be a wonderful weekend of Angela and I enjoying each other and celebrating what has been an amazing year together. I think we can accomplish that, but I probably need to take some “alone” time between then and now, to unwind and let go of work stresses. I didn’t do a good job of letting go of work stresses last weekend, and wound up not being in the greatest of moods by the time our weekend was over, I don’t want to repeat that!

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