In a funk

I don’t know what’s been going on the last few days. I don’t feel really good physically, but I don’t have any real “sick” symptoms. I’m easily irritated, have little patience for anything, don’t seem able to focus for very long, have lost interest in a lot of things, and just generally feel very “blah” right now. For someone with a history of clinical depression, those are not good symptoms at all. Not that I’m necessarily going back into a depressed state, in the clinical sense. Sometimes you just have days like that, but I need to figure it out. I can’t really let it go much longer without doing something about it.

The question is, what to do about it? In order to know that, I need to figure out what, exactly, is causing it, and right now I’m pretty clueless on that front. Maybe I just need to take a day off, away from everyone and everything, and just be by myself. That usually helps me sort it out, but I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to do that again. Perhaps this weekend, Angela is working some of Saturday anyway. Maybe I’ll just take advantage of that, and take a long drive and spend the day by myself somewhere. It’d probably do me some good.

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