Been a long time…

I was just looking over this site and realized it’s been awhile since I had anything to say here, so I figured I’d drop a few lines for those of you who don’t follow my other site, to let you know what’s been going on.

Things are fine, in fact they’re better than fine, they’re downright cool. Maybe that’s why I’m out of sorts writing here. Between my wife’s new job, my own election to the Friends of the Library Board, and various techie projects these last few weeks, survivor issues have been put on the back burner a bit, and I don’t really see that as a bad thing. Sometimes, it helps to simply put our issues aside and go out and do something. To live a little, while we can.

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  1. and perhaps you should look at it as not putting the issue on the back burner, as you say so much as it is learning to live with it.

    It means that you are healing and moving past it. It means that you have survived and refused to let the past beat you.

    For that you should feel very proud.

    I know that I am proud of you.

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