Back from hiatus

I was glad this evening to see that Leah came back from blog-hiatus, as promised. Glad to have her back!

Unlike Leah, I went on hiatus without telling anyone. It was really sort of an unplanned hiatus. I’ve just been very, very busy. Work has been crazy with staff turnover, getting people trained and functions covered all while trying to get the equipment, and staff to handle it, ready for our big Annual Meeting this Tuesday, on top of writing an RFP for website development for the Friends of the Columbus Library, and trying to get some initial ideas and articles written for a tech ezine that hasn’t launched yet. I’ve even managed to spend some time with my wife, so something else had to give for a bit. I’m really hoping that things will settle into more of a routine within the next week or two, but you just never know! ‘Til then, know that I am well, and hoping you all are too!

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  1. Mike,

    Welcome back to you too!

    On another note, I saw on your tech blog that you have installed Tiger. Isn’t it fun?

    Enjoying Tiger and being back,

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