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As you might notice over on the site, I finally found some time to switch over the blogroll to using the MT-Blogroll plugin. this should help me keep it more up to date. Obviously, given the size of the blogrolls now, I found that a large number of the blogs I had been linking to had stopped posting for a long time or were gone completely. Now, more than ever, I’ll be taking suggestions for survivor blogs to add. Feel free to send them my way.

Speaking of finding time, I’m having to give some serious thought to determining what my priorities are going to be over the next few months. I’m working a full time job, consulting part-time for my former employer, trying to lead the way on a website development and launch for the Friends of the Library, maintain two websites, do free-lance writing for another, and still manage to be a good husband to my wife and friend to my friends. I’m finding that I’m not spending enough time on the things I really want to do, this site included.

Given that, it’s high time for me to start managing my time better, and then once I’ve gotten a much better handle on how and where I can improve my time-management skills, start to wean away some of those things that are not a priority to me. Hopefully then I can get around to improvements on both sites that have been on the back burner far too long.

Time-management, yet another skill that I should have learned at a much younger age, but dealing with depression and everything else somehow got in the way of that for too many years. Yet another, albeit small, example of what is stolen from victims of abuse. The years of maturity that are lost by being perpetually stuck in the victim mentality. On the other hand, it’s never too late to start learning!

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