Another year

It’s 2006 now, another year has past. At times like these it’s always tempting to look ahead and try to predict what the new year will bring, both on a personal level and around the world, and as we take a minute to look back at 2005, we might realize just how futile it is to predict what this year will bring us. I’m betting that as you look back at 2005, you’ll see the same things I do, there were some goals I had set for myself that were met, but not really in the ways I thought they would be, and there were whole lots of experiences and memories that were much more a result of happy accidents than anything I set out to do.

For example, I set out to get a new job, and accomplished that. But it was slightly different than what I was looking for at the beginning of 2005, it wasn’t the result of all the networking ideas I decided to work on this year, but that turned out to be a very good thing. I found a job that I really am enjoying that is challenging me every day, and all that networking stuff I’ve applied to learning how to be a better, more thoughtful, friend to the people who’ve been in my life or have come into my life this past year.

It just goes to show that life is nothing if not unpredictable, but it’s that unpredictable nature of life that makes every day so interesting. You really do never know what’s going to happen each day, and as bad as today might be, tomorrow always holds the promise to be better.

So here’s to 2006 being a better year!

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