Skills of Survivors

I saw this post in my RSS reader today, and the title jumped out at me as quite a different perspective, but as I clicked over and read the post, I found a lot to agree with. It reminds me a lot about the discussions of what would be different about me if the hadn’t happened. There’s simply no way to tell, I grew up with it, learned how to deal with it, and those skills became part of who I am, you can’t separate them out.

Anyway, it’s always good to remember, in the midst of dealing with our childhood as adults, just how skillful and strong we have already proven to be.

Top Ten Skills of Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

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  1. Interesting list. Because it took quarter of a century to face up to my abuse I have a pretty good idea of what I might have been like otherwise, because I pushed on past it and was determined to achieve something professionally. Once I got there, that’s when the cracks began to show because I’d never dealt with it.

    Now I realise that like painful bereavements, the time I was attacked is another anniversary to incorporate and accept for what it is, without any job losses around the same time to make me think that redundancy was to blame instead.

    I would say that “The Ability to Figure Things Out Quickly” and “Perceptiveness” are exactly the same though – that’s just my opinion.

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