Update on the Survivors Network

Just thought I would post a quick update on the Survivors Network, which continues to grow! There are now480 members, and though their participation comes and goes as life sometimes gets in the way of being online often, there’s still plenty of new discussions and posts that have been made recently.

Also, I added a new feature called NewsShare, which allows any and all members to submit links to news stories, blog posts, or any other thing they want to share with the network, in one easy step. If you haven’t been in awhile, go check it out, and if you want to share some good online reads, feel free to submit some links!

Also, I wanted to note another milestone, as the Facebook fan page for this blog went over 100 fans within the last week. Franky, that’s quite a few more than I ever thought there would be, and it’s been great connecting and hearing from some new folks over there as well. If you’re a Facebook user, check it out!

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