Excellent Blogs for PTSD Support

Ken from NursingSchools.net was kind enough to send me an email informing me that this blog was included in their 40 Excellent Blogs for PTSD Support.

I’m touched that they thought this little blog of mine was worthy of being included, and I highly encourage you to go take a look at he whole list. Some of them are folks that I’ve read before, but quite a few are new to me. I’m looking forward to reading them as well!

Thanks Ken!

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  1. There is just too much to add to this site, but I am waking up after thirty years to the abuse that has happened to me from many years ago. I have started a blog jz inside story, to let people know all about the different types of abuse. Maybe I will live a less stress life. Maybe I will make a difference in one’s life. I think it is wonderful to see all those that share in their stories. I know it is hard to do. I am embarrassed of where I came from. I feel so ashamed. I am getting where people have said I am shaming myself. I didn’t do anything and people act like I did this to me. WHY?
    I can’t help but wonder why my mind stored all my sorrow away just to come back and haunt me many years later.
    Is there such a thing as thirty year old shock, trauma?
    It was my parents that abused me, but my older sister continued for many years later, and I just wave it under the carpet. Sometime abuse is standing right beside you and you don’t know it! How do I know, they killed my Mom, that wasn’t enough. I was told for the second time in my life that my Dad is not my biological father. To turn around and tells everyone I ever knew I am a liar. Judy makes up stories and then believes them. Because of this my whole family dumped me and my family. I made these people a big part of our girl’s lives, and for what?
    Why did this happen, I have a fifteen year old daughter that was running into trouble, she moved in with my 20 something year old niece, I fought back.
    Now my daughter feels if she comes home she is picking sides. There is much, much more.
    Now I ask for DNA from every single one of them. To find out NO. This is my family they are hurting. Who says No to such a thing? Who?

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