Best Depression Blogs

I can’t necessarily vouch for every blog on the list, but the Depression Treatment Center has put together a list of the Best Depression Blogs over on their site. In their words:

Finding the best blogs on depression and depressive disorders can take a lot of time and can be depressing all on its own. We have compiled a list of the best blogs on depression that you can keep an eye on without having to do your own searching. Each one has been selected based on quality of information as well as how frequently it is updated. We know that you will find these quality blogs to be just as informative as we do and well worth reading.

Whether you are searching for help yourself, to help a loved one or just for more knowledge, we’ve got you covered. We have handpicked the top ten best blogs about depression on the Internet. These authors are depression survivors, physicians and therapists who want to help. The newest studies, firsthand accounts and helpful tips are just some of the great morsels you’ll find in our top ten.

I am only familiar with a couple of the blogs on the list, but if you’re on the lookout for more information about depression, and want to follow some blogs that you can continue to learn from, you could do a lot worse than starting with these 10.

What are your favorite blogs on depression?

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