I spent part of the long weekend exchanging emails with a lady who felt all alone as she tried to begin the process of healing from abuse. I pointed her in the direction of some of the forums and online support groups listed on the resource page, and to the list of blogs by abuse…


Dan was kind enough to leave me a comment with both a pointer to his blog about being a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and also a pointer to His blog is intensely personal and quite moving, while the other site is a very useful resource for male survivors.

New resource

At least it’s new to me. I was reading this article about a little boy who will be walking in DC for child abuse victims and noticed a mention of Looks like a very wealth of information on childhood sexual abuse.

New blog

Found a new link to a fellow survivor of child abuse and have added her to the blogroll over there under that category. It seems that the blog was just started this month, but the frank, honest nature of the writing has made an immediate impact on me. I expect I’ll be back many times….

Under construction

Things are coming along, I’ve obviously imported all of the old Blogger entries, I’ve moved all of the Essays over, I’ve created a page for “recommended reading” that I will start to build a list of good books dealing with abuse and depression, and I’ll start building a list of online resources as well. Those…