Something that may interest the Aussies

I received this email earlier, and thought I would go ahead and post it here. Obviously, being in the US, this isn’t something I can take part in myself, but I thought I would pass it along to any of you in Australia who might be interested!


I just want to let all those interested know that a group of people
called FAVAG (Forgotten Australians Victoria Action Group)has been
protesting each week…

Sunday morning 10am – 12pm outside St Patricks Cathedral, Cnr
Gisbourne St & Cathedral place, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We are protesting against former and current child abuse from the
catholic church.

Crimes committed unto children are the worst crimes.

The catholic church is the richest church, and is the one church who
refuses to prove that they are sorry for their sins unto children, and
pay for their crimes, as other churches are beginning to.

They must be also brought to the table!

I believe if we are truly concerned about child abuse, then we should
do all we can to stop it happening at all!

While people, especially the churches and government get away with it
and allow crimes like abuse to happen to children, it will continue to
grow! 🙁

The churches and the government are huge powerful influences in this
country, and they should not be permitted to set bad examples to the
people of this land.

We must show them that this is not acceptable.

We hope that maybe members of your group will be able to join us,
or in the very least forwarding this information to anyone who may be
interested in attending, we would be so grateful!

After the next month or so, protests may be likely to change venue,
for more information pleas go to the FAVAG website:

Thankyou for your time.
yours respectfully
Sherrin Caird

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