Review: Silent Scream by Josh Cannon

One of my frequent notes about auto/biographies featuring child is that they fail to go into relevant detail about the recovery process. Josh Cannon’s Silent Scream, which I read in hardback, sets this right by bookending the whole story with being shipped off to recovery, some in the UK, but at the beginning of the story it refers to the American rehab and therapeutic help that saved the then-suicidal author’s life.

At 213 hardback pages Silent Scream is also a quick read and a good “note comparison” memoir when referring to therapeutic help for anything you might have missed in your own recovery. Probably best of all is that the book finishes with the author in a better place but mindful that it doesn’t equal a happy end, rather recognising his good fortune in not having pressed the self-destruct button with the desired success he might have wanted earlier.

So it’s a great book, actually dating back to around the time of Our Little Secret by Duncan Fairhurst but overlooked in the sales rush for the latter book. If you need a male survival memoir, it’s potentially triggering in places but worth the read.

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  1. ‘Potentially triggering’

    That could well be an understatement.

    Superb book but very careful picking it up.

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