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Australian “Boys Do Cry” Mental Health Campaign

Came across a link to this site the other day, and I thought sharing it for any Aussies out there would be a good idea.

I love their explanation:

Generations of men have grown up with the idea that “Boys Don’t Cry” – that when the going gets tough, a man should keep his feelings to himself, “man up” and put on a brave front. The Boys Do Cry project aims to put an end to this idea once and for all, so when the going gets tough, men get talking.

We haven’t been brought up to talk, especially when things are difficult. We’ve been encouraged to “man up” instead. I’m all for having strength, but not talking when it’s necessary is killing too many men for us to continue. That’s true everywhere, and even though I’m not in Australia, I know it’s true there as well. Let’s hope this resource reaches plenty of them.

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