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New Raising Joy Podcast Covers Kids Mental Health

Cook Children’s Health Care System in Texas has started a new podcast about kids’ mental health as part of their Joy Campaign which is a suicide prevention communication initiative. In their own words:

“The pandemic was extremely difficult for kids and families and we’re going to be dealing with the results of that for a long time,” said Kristen Pyrc, M.D., co-medical director of Psychiatry at Cook Children’s and co-host of Raising Joy. “My hope with this podcast is that we can empower parents with tools and strategies they can use to support their children, as well as themselves.”

In addition to Dr. Pyrc, Raising Joy is co-hosted by Wini King, Chief of Communications, Inclusion, Equity and Diversity at Cook Children’s. Each week, the two will interview guests about topics such as depression, anxiety, stress, adverse childhood experiences, bullying and social media (to name a few).

I think what Dr. Pyrc says above is very much on-point. We know that there was already a youth mental health crisis even before the pandemic, and now it is even worse thanks to a pandemic and other world events that seem to just pile on each month. I’m for any new resource that can be provided to help raise awareness and education about these issues to parents or anyone who comes in contact with kids. (Which is really just about all of us!)

You can see the announcement and get links to the first two episodes here:


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