Reading – Conversation can stop suicide, specialists say

Photo by shattered.art66
Photo by shattered.art66

“This week, mental health professionals are marking National Suicide Prevention Week, offering advice on how to respond to someone who may be on the verge of killing himself or herself.“You can make a difference, especially if you can get somebody to talk about it,” said Elsa Ronningstam, a psychoanalyst, McLean Hospital psychologist, and board member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “Many completed suicides, people don’t talk about it — they just go and do it.”

Anyone who takes the time to listen — calmly, sympathetically — can save a life, said Dr. Christine Moutier, the foundation’s chief medical officer.”

Some really useful advice, to help get beyond just asking “Are you OK” to help have caring conversations with someone who is troubled. Whether they are suicidal or not, couldn’t we all do with trying to have more caring conversations anyway?

Go read the whole thing!

Conversation can stop suicide, specialists say – The Boston Globe

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