Link – My Suicide Attempt Doesn’t Make Me Unlovable

“It has been fifteen years since I tried to take my own life (my first and only attempt). What I’ve learned since then is that not only are we lovable despite our flaws, darkness, and mental health issues, but we are lovable with those things (link is external). Furthermore, we are often the most lovable where we feel we deserve love the least. Our pain and darkness is what deserves love first.”

This is a great story, because it shows how much the cycles of depression just grow upon themselves. I have a suicide attempt in my own past, and I can distinctly remember afterward thinking that no one would ever want to be involved with me, because no one would ever want to potentially deal with a close friend or partner committing suicide. I would always be a suicide risk, and no one would want to deal with that.

Notice how many things about that thought pattern just aren’t true. I’ve not been a real suicide risk in years, because I could get better, and I’ve got plenty of people who know about that part of my past and chose to be involved with me anyway, including marrying me.

Having depression, or even having attempted suicide in the past doesn’t change the fact that you, and your life, have value.

My Suicide Attempt Doesn’t Make Me Unlovable

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