Link – What if They Find Out?

“They might find out now and that is OK. I am sharing my story because my desire to help someone stay one more day by letting them know they are not alone outweighs any fear of what someone might think if they know I’m not perfect.

So let them find out. I am still the same person they knew yesterday.”

This is something that I watch when others write, because I know that I don’t face the same “risk” as some other bloggers when it comes to mental health issues. Mine are, for the most part, in my past. They were part of healing from childhood abuse, and as I started to both heal, and learn healthier coping mechanisms, the mental health issues have become part of my past. Not that I don’t have to keep an eye on myself, and continue to do the things I learned in therapy, but it’s not a continuing struggle either.

For other folks who are dealing with current mental health issues, it can be difficult to be “public” because, as much as we don’t like the stigma, people do see you differently. I’m glad that there are some folks willing to step out and talk about it anyway. It’s the only way we have to fight stigma, and to let others know they are not alone.

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