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Link – This is how – and when – we need to talk about addiction

I would say the same thing about mental health, and child abuse survivors. It may not be easy to talk about, but until it is normal to do so, there will always be stigma around it.

We talked and talked. Part of me silently whined and resented the conversation but a much bigger part of me was so happy. This is the way we need to behave if we are going to put a dent in the stigma and epidemic. We need to meet the disease wherever and whenever it comes up. No shame. No judgment.

They didn’t have to talk about their daughter. We could have just talked about that night’s dinner menu. It takes bravery – not just to endure 10 years of watching your child slowly die – but of being willing to talk about it.  On vacation. On a beach. On a beautiful day.

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