Sharing – Remote Work: 3 Tips to Handle Depression When Working Alone

I return to number 3 on this list often:


3. Take It One Day at a Time

If you sit down and think that you have another month or more before life returns to normal, you will naturally gravitate towards depression. To prevent that, live life one day at a time. Concern yourself with just getting through your day. And the next day, do it again.

The reality is, even if things start opening up again and at whatever pace they do, we are a long way from normal. If you are just holding out looking forward to that, its going to seem very overwhelming. Much like the advice I give people trying to heal from trauma, count each day you get through as a success. If you only focus on the end, it will seem too far, too overwhelming. Each day is another step towards it, make sure you’re taking those, and you’ll get there.

In this case, we can get there, in time, which will move at the same time it always has, one day at a time.

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