Link – Why I’m Done Being A ‘Good’ Mentally Ill Person

This is an interesting take on life in a mental health treatment facility and how different patients get treated differently. Part of me knows that this is unfair, but part of me also realizes that it’s human nature to be friendlier to people who make your job easier than those who don’t, and the people who might need the most in treatment, are the hardest to work with. I can’t say that I would act much differently, even though I’d like to.

“That moment will stand out in my mind forever. It was the moment when I realized that as long as we divide mentally ill people up into “good” and “bad”—or with coded language like “high-functioning” and “low-functioning”—we replicate the oppressive hierarchies that harm all of us.


The internalized stigma that compelled me to “perform” sanity was the same stigma that can lead to neglect and abuse in psychiatric settings, and further marginalize the most vulnerable mentally ill people.”

What can we do to make sure that all patients are getting the help they need?

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