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Link – What it’s really like to see a psychiatrist for your mental health 

I don’t think we can promise that your first visit will be as good as the one described in this story, but I like that it tries to give a more accurate picture of what it’s like. Before I was referred to a psychiatrist, I imagined something like a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, because I had nothing else to draw from. Clearly that wasn’t what happened.

If you are suffering from poor mental health and have been referred to a psychiatrist, don’t be scared. It gets so much easier after the first session.

And if you are worried about your mental health, and are wondering whether a psychiatrist might be the right step for you, see your GP, who can guide you into getting the help you need.

But always remember, getting help puts you on the right track to coping with your mental illness – and you won’t regret it once you’re on there.

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