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Link – Four Best Things To Do When a Child Discloses Abuse by guest @KW_Writes

This is important. A child may never disclose to you, or someone may not disclose to you until they are an adult. Regardless, learn how to respond. A child who discloses needs you to respond correctly, and adult may not need it as much, but it helps us out a lot if you can.

Evidence shows that you probably know a child who has been sexually abused. Estimates show as many as one in three girls and one in six boys are sexually victimized before they reach 17 years of age. To complicate matters, most children never disclose. Estimates are that as many as 90% of child sexual abuse cases go unreported.

The problem is huge. Overwhelming. We want to turn away. We think that if we don’t acknowledge the issue of childhood sexual abuse, it can’t happen to us.

But that is not the way life works.

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