Truth and Lies

Link – When Depression Lies to You, Remind Yourself of the Truth

This can’t be shared enough –

Depression will come and try to move you into isolation (both socially and emotionally) and get you to cut off all contact with the people who love and care about you.

It will lie to you and tell you that the world would better off without you, but the truth is: the world needs you.

We need your voice, your hope, your story, and your life.

We need to hear that, you too, are wrestling, fighting, and winning (and sometimes losing) with your mental illness.

We need to hear about your setbacks, disappointments, and experiences not to victimize you and draw pity but to encourage others to come out of their own darkness of depression and isolation and embrace the light of love, healing, and wholeness.

To summarize, we need each other and we need YOU!

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