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Link – How do I tell someone I have a problem?

While this article is written for people trying to get help with drug or alcohol problems, I found the basics of this to be very familiar to what you go through when trying to tell someone about depression, or past child abuse, or any situation where you need help. I especially like that it’s not sugar coated, because it can be a shock to hear and not everyone will necessarily respond very well in that particular moment. You need to be prepared for that possibility. Too many people tell once, and then shutdown because they don’t get the response they wanted. As much as I want people to respond appropriately and helpfully, we’re all human and it may not happen that way.

That doesn’t mean you stop looking for help and support. There are billions of people in the world, until you’ve asked all of them you can’t say no one cares. They just haven’t shown themselves to you yet.

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