Link – Mental Health Challenges of College Students

As you get ready to send your kid to college, or leave your parents for the new adventure of college, in the coming weeks, this is always important to remember:

“Fortunately, college campuses have excellent resources for mental health support, including peer support networks, peer counselors, mental health professionals, substance use treatment support, and pathways to other helpful tools. If you have concerns about your student’s mental health, talk to them about it in a low-key, supportive, non-confrontational way that lets them know it’s okay to need and get help on this new journey, and then stay involved until they get linked up with the supports they need”

This is a huge change, and maybe because of that, it’s also a time where we see a larger number of mental health issues starting to make themselves known. There’s no reason to not use the resources that are there to help.

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