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Link – Asking for Mental Health Help Can Be a Difficult Decision

I wanted to share this article because I think Megan makes a good point. We often tell those suffering with mental health issues to “get help”, without also acknowledging how hard that really is. We compare it to a physical illness where, of course,people would ask for help, like asking family to assist us during cancer treatments, or post-surgery. But we don’t often acknowledge that many people who would be glad to help out in those sort of situations, wouldn’t necessarily do the same for our mental health.

Sadly, there is a stigma attached to asking for help with our mental health. There shouldn’t be, but we can’t ignore the fact that it does exist. To those who still carry those old ideas around, there really is a difference between needing assistance for a physical illness, and a mental health issue.

Asking for help with our mental health is an acknowledgement that there is something wrong with us. I’d argue that going to the doctor with pain or illness is just as much of an acknowledgement that there is something wrong, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of any of it.

Not everyone would agree though, and as much as we want anyone to ask for, and get help, we need to recognize how difficult that can be at times, and continue to support them in this pursuit.

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