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Sharing – 32 Surprising Mental Health Statistics

This article from Talkspace offers a lot of statistics to back up the claim that mental health issues are impacting people at a much, much, higher rate than we probably think they are. Take this single line from the longer article, for example:

1.1% of U.S. adults experience schizophrenia; 2.6% adults live with bipolar disorder; 6.9% of people battle depression; and 18.1% of us experience anxiety disorders.

Those numbers for anxiety and depression are kind of mind-blowing, but I think we know those two things, whether they be mild, or more severe, are all around us. But, don’t lose sight of those other numbers. We may think of schizophrenia as something that impacts just a small number of people, who are “really sick”, but even at 1.1% of adults in the US, we are still talking about over a million people.

Take a look at some of the other statistics not just about the number of people dealing with mental health issues, but also what kind of treatment we know works, and yet how little it is actually available to people.

We need to do better, and maybe that starts with recognizing how many people really need help.

32 Surprising Mental Health Statistics

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