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Sharing – 6 ways to protect your mental health from social media’s dangers

Four and Five on this list resonated the most with me.

“4. Approach social media mindfully; ask ‘why?’

5. Prune”

Now, the why Jelena mentions is about taking a moment and asking yourself why you are looking at social media. Are you avoiding something else, or just bored, etc.? As opposed to using it for a reason. I’d add the flip side to that though, stop and ask yourself why someone else shared this. What are they trying to do? Educate, enlighten, encourage, or enrage? We could do with less enraging content.

Which then, of course, leads to number 5. Prune away! Don’t follow people who’s activities are making you feel worse about yourself or hurting your mental health. Be aware of the effect any account is having on you and only keep the ones making a positive contribution to your day.

On the other hand, there are plenty of folks who do more educating and encouraging. I’m working on some posts to recommend some, who would you put in that category?

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