Reviews Elsewhere – What Lies Behind the Curtain by Claire Gray

I found this review over on a site dedicated to a campaign against adult grooming, and since the book is an example of someone being groomed as a child, into adulthood, I thought it might be a learning opportunity to anyone who wants to see a real-life example of grooming.

As the reviewer says:

Any parent whose child wants to become a model would do well to read this book, as Claire clearly highlights the warning signs. As she tells of staying in the model house, of being singled out as special, as a reader I wanted to scream ‘stop, don’t do it’, but Claire’s descriptions show just how easily scheming groomers build trust, using the very things that we need to hear. Claire’s parents were encouraged to believe that she was safer in the model agency than elsewhere.

I would add that I would imagine you would hear similar stories from people who were groomed and exploited in acting, sports, and the arts as well.

If your kids want to be involved in those sort of activities, and have dreams of making it big, please understand how grooming works, and be alert for it!

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts? Have any other recommendations on where to learn about grooming? Let us know!


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