Sharing – Ben Affleck has been on antidepressants since age 26

Now you may be asking yourself, who really cares? And, for the most part I’d be right there with you, because if Ben Affleck takes medication, that’s Ben Affleck’s business, not really mine.

And truthfully, Ben being on antidepressants, or not, is not on the list of things I have ever wondered about in my lifetime. I truly don’t care.

But, I think it’s interesting that his story involves taking them for 20 years, and needing to adjust them from time to time, and change them, and deal with side effects, etc. because that’s what being on medication over a long period of time looks like, and it’s no big deal.

One of the arguments I’ve seen people pull out against the use of medication to deal with depression is that no one really knows what they’re doing, you constantly have to adjust them, and the side effects are worse that depression, etc. (By the way, you could easily make the same arguments for medications you take for any number of things, heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and on and on. They need to be adjusted and changed all the time, and you have to deal with side effects, etc. but you rarely see any serious discussion that no one needs them.)

Setting that aside though, even with all of that, why does Ben Affleck continue to take antidepressants? Because “they help”.

If taking medication helps you, short term, or long term, do it. If taking medication helps other people you know, but offends your sensibilities, shut up and let them do what helps them. Just be glad something is helping them.


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