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Sharing – Sex Crimes Are Committed By People From All Walks of Life… and All Tax Brackets

I think the folks at Horowitz Law have got this right:

“Most sex offenders, therefore, don’t fall into some easily-identifiable, logical category. They can be young or old, shy or outgoing, tall or short, and of course rich or poor.

We wish this weren’t the case, of course. Because this reality leads to a disturbing conclusion: We’ve ALWAYS got to be alert and vigilant and careful about kids’ safety.”

Of course, we want them to fit into something where we can easily identify a sexual predator, but if we could do that, we would have by now. I’ve said it over and over until my hands tire of typing, there is no “type”, they are not easily identifiable monsters, or anti-social old men in trench coats.

They are your neighbors, teachers, coaches, and family members. And, they’re not all male either.

Be alert, and provide the kind of stability for your child that they aren’t likely to keep secrets from you or anyone. Because you, and I, don’t just know who’s dangerous and who isn’t.

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