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What to Expect in Your first Therapy Session

If you’ve never been to see a therapist, it can seem overwhelming. Maybe you know other people who’ve been and didn’t like it, or what you saw in a movie didn’t look appealing to you, or maybe you’re just uncertain of how it all works.

So, if that is you, I wanted to share this video that Steph, from Sea Salt Rain Therapy in Canada posted on YouTube. She goes through the process of going in, filling out your paperwork, what level of confidentiality you have, and even what that first session may, or may not, mean for treatment going forward. Obviously, this assumes you are going in person again, so if that still isn’t for you with the pandemic and all, understand that the process will be similar, just online.

I hope it helps you feel more comfortable with giving it a try. Thanks Steph for sharing it!


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