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Sharing – New children’s book uses sea creatures to teach kids ages 4 to 8 how recognize and talk about abuse

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I appreciate a couple of things about this description of Dr. Sally’s book, the fact that she recognizes this is one:

““It’s unfortunate that the onus is put upon our children to say, ‘No’ or ‘Stop that,’ but we have to have those important dialogues so they will not be afraid to disclose that something may have happened to them.””

No, it isn’t fair that we have to have books to teach children how to protect themselves, but it’s reality. I don’t want small children to have to learn about the possibility of being abused, but leaving them uneducated and more vulnerable is not an option.

Oh, the other thing I appreciate about this book? It is focused on the danger from people the child already knows. Our “stranger danger” approach to child has been terribly lacking for decades. I’m glad to see someone taking that on.

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