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Reviews Elsewhere – Trauma Survivor’s Guide to Coping With Panic Attacks by Nicole Dake

I found this review by Kevin C of this book by Nicole Dake and was immediately drawn to the title. As a trauma survivor panic attacks have been a part of my life at various times and I know the same is true for many other survivors I’ve talked to.

So when Kevin says something like this about the book, I just had to make sure my readers saw it, as it could prove to be something very helpful to you:

A lesson in how to take a complex medical condition, that causes so much discomfort and stress to its sufferers, and distill it down to a very readable discussion on the best ways to cope.

Kevin’s got more to say and links to not only the book but where you can find out more about Nicole. Go check it out and if you’ve read the book let us know what you thought!

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