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Sharing – How to Improve Self-Esteem When You Live with Depression

There are other ways in the article below but this one? This one is pure gold right now because we are all so overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and uncertain about everything. In the midst of that?

Keep track of your wins
These don’t have to be huge things like getting a promotion or winning a race.

Consider the smaller things that speak to your positive qualities.

Maybe that’s being a good parent even when you’re handling a lot. Or being a supportive friend and a great team member. Perhaps you have great manners or you smiled at that stranger who seemed to need it and watched how their facial expression changed.

You might also find it helpful to write down the positive things people say to you. Did you receive an e-mail from your boss congratulating you for a job well done? Consider printing that out and keeping it somewhere.

Keep an appreciation file of emails, notes, things you felt good about doing that week, etc. You have no idea how much it will help on the really dark days to pull that out and remember that you have, in fact, had wins. You’ve done things other people have been thankful for, and you’ve been praised.

They are too easy to forget, so do something to help you remember them.

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