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Sharing – Shower Meditation: Wash Away Your Stress and Anxiety

Admittedly, I struggle with mindfulness and meditation. My brain does not want to slow down. It should, especially when it’s anxious, but I have not yet mastered the ability to make it. Part of the problem, I know, is that starting a mindfulness or mediation practice just seems overwhelming to me. Like it’s another job or something.

“Since showering is already a part of most people’s daily habits, it’s the perfect opportunity to step back and improve your mental health. It’s also a great place for everyday reflection since we are already away from our phones and any other distractions.

You only need 5-10 minutes total. It requires the same amount of time you need to take a regular shower, the only difference is you’re adding an extra mental layer to the routine.”

So, maybe Steven’s suggestion to start with a shower meditation might work for some of you who struggle like me. I’m going to try it, assuming I remember to actually do it instead of rushing to get finished and on to the next thing!

How do you incorporate mindfulness or meditation into your daily activities? Does it help you?

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