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Sharing – the challenge of normalising

The post below is going to be hard for some of you to read because it’s the truth about child abuse. It’s a truthful conversation about why we don’t get to claim that it is “too upsetting” to talk about in public because this is also true:

“When we ‘normalise’ CSA we aren’t saying it’s ‘fine’. We are saying this happens. Everywhere, and to every kind of person, across all ages and stages. We are also saying perpetrators are close by. We are also saying be alert, make space for children to disclose, be open to the possibility. We are saying: we see this, and we want to stop it.”

For many of us, child abuse was normal. Not because there is anything remotely acceptable about it, but because it happened to us. Turning away from our stories and ignoring our voices because you don’t want to think about it isn’t good enough.

We don’t have that choice. We deserve more than being kept silent in order for you not to be upset by our realities.

Go read the whole thing and consider why it’s important to talk about uncomfortable things.

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