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Sharing – If Republicans Were Serious About Addressing Mental Health, This Is What They’d Do

This was a response to the talking points in the wake of another mass shooting in America a few weeks back, but I wanted to highlight it for you, because no matter where you fall on the gun control debate, or which side of the political aisle you are on, this call for mental health resources is just words when people don’t do the things that would help people get mental health care. From the article below:

“Outbursts of gun violence always get Republicans talking about mental health. It would be a lot easier to take that talk seriously if so many of them didn’t have lengthy, well-publicized records of opposing government initiatives to improve mental health care.”

The article breaks the steps into two large buckets, and I’m going to ask you to consider these when you stop to consider whether your state, local, or federal representatives are actually doing something to improve the state of mental health care.

  1. Are they doing something to make it easier to pay for mental health care services?
  2. Are they doing something to make it easier to find mental health services?

If they’re not doing either of these things, or worse, cutting funding and services, they are not actually interested in improving the mental health situation in the US.

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