Boys and Men Healing

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That’s the title of a movie that’s currently in the works by Kathy Barbini, who previously put out an independent documentary titled The Healing Years. If you click over to the site you can see a 12 minute trailer. Kathy … Continued


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Margie McKinnon, the founder of Lamplighters, and author of Repair your Life sent me an email today about getting the site added to the resource section of this site. As it turns out, I’m thinking seriously about “retiring” that page, … Continued

Top Ten Bipolar Blogs

posted in: Recommendations | 1 Blogs tend to have a short life cycle, with most lasting under two years before fading into archival heaven. Last year Psych Central compiled a list of the top ten bipolar blogs, written by people who have a bipolar … Continued

Safe Surfing for Teens

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Ran across this aticle today, and thought I’d pass it along. Teens spend a lot of time online, communicating and socializing, and they should be aware of the dangers and as well informed as we can make them. Safe Surfing … Continued

A Damaged Boy

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Not a review, since I haven’t read it, and given the number of things I need to get caught up on after being away for a few days, I’m not going to be reading it anytime soon, but just a … Continued

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