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Sharing – Depression Is the Ultimate Identity Thief

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This is such a powerful part of this article, that I wanted to share it.

How does this manifest over time in terms of our identity? Depression is not something that just disrupts our lives—it can change how we see ourselves as people. Let’s start with experiences and resulting connections that never happen because of our depression. Maybe we don’t have the energy to see a new band when they play a show in our town—so we don’t have what could have been a magical life-altering experience of discovering our favorite band. And our identity also becomes connected with helplessness. We don’t naturally assume we are someone who can “make things happen” and plan for the future, because we can’t be sure depression won’t severely undermine our life goals.… Read More

Sharing – How the ‘Just World’ Belief Supports Victim-Blaming, Scapegoating, and Systemic Abuse

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This, we know. Many survivors have experienced it first-hand. “Believing that the world is ultimately a fair and just place can result in individual and social complacency due to the idea that justice happens on its own, fueled by an … Read More

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