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Sharing – Our mental health crashed in 2020. Recovery could take years

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The article below gets into a lot more of the details of how different groups have been affected in a variety of ways, but the thing that I found myself nodding along to was this idea. This is not going to go away this Summer. People you know who have struggled, and have anxiety about things opening back up again, or are dealing with grief and depression, or the aftermath of all of the trauma that we’ve borne witness to over the last couple of years, are not going to just be “back to normal” and ready to hit happy hour like nothing happened.

We’re not there. We’re not going to be there for awhile. Give those people, and yourself if that describes you, some grace and patience.

Most of all, don’t stigmatize anyone for not being OK for a bit. We’ve all been dealing with different levels of trauma and anxiety, and you likely don’t even know half of how much people around you have been dealing with.

So, just be kind, OK?… Read More

Sharing – How to Draw On Your Psychological Resources

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None of these things is going to “fix” the stress and anxiety we are all feeling, but they can build up the resources we need to face it and go forward. Developing these skills is an important part of dealing with difficulties, and for survivors, they are also an important part of healing. The more strength you have in these areas, the better prepared you are to heal and move forward.

We often talk about the cup analogy, not being able to pour from an empty cup, but this article gives you really concrete ways to make sure your cup has something in it.… Read More

Sharing – Setting Boundaries Emerging from Pandemic Isolation

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I have to admit, that even in a situation where I feel like I’m not in much danger of COVID-19 any longer, I’m also still feeling a ton of social anxiety. I have to decide what level of comfort I have with people, and how to communicate that to other people. I thought the tips offered in the article below make a lot of sense.… Read More

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