Sharing – National Well-Being Before and During the Pandemic

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When I compare my personal experience to the overall statistics, again I can see where it is also kind of all over the place, because it’s individual. In some ways, I’m doing pretty well, in others, not so much. None of us are exactly the same, or living with the same circumstances. So as global as this pandemic is, the effects have been incredibly diverse. That person you are working with on a Zoom call, the medical professional, the person taking your to-go order, that teacher your kid is learning from, or even those kids and their parents are all dealing with any multitude of impacts that we know nothing about, and probably never will. The one thing we do know, is that they are being impacted. 

We would do well, as a society to take advantage of this very obvious opportunity to learn that we are all impacted in different way by events, and to take the time to listen to how someone who isn’t like us, is impacted. This is a great time to understand the large scale of the world and all of the different experiences within it. Maybe we could at least settle for understanding that our own individual situations, are not representative of everyone. Not even close, in fact. … Read More

Would you Rather Talk Mental Health with a Bot?

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I’m glad so many people are open to having a robot therapist, because as we have discussed many times, we don’t have nearly enough therapists to treat everyone who needs it, and you can’t just create more trained therapists very quickly. With good enough artificial intelligence programming, we CAN spin up more trained chat robots to meet the need. Is the programming good enough today? I don’t know. I’m guessing there is still some work to do, but at what point is it better than what we have now for so many people, which is nothing?… Read More

Sharing – Giving Ourselves Credit for Seemingly Small Wins

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You can read the article below for suggestions of things you should give yourself credit for. Then it’s up to you to understand how much you really do accomplish, even in the face of COVID-19, violence, and mass uncertainty.

Her list might even spark some ideas for some other, small, things you can do, and then give yourself credit for doing.

What are you giving yourself credit for today?… Read More

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