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Sharing – Setting Boundaries Emerging from Pandemic Isolation

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I have to admit, that even in a situation where I feel like I’m not in much danger of COVID-19 any longer, I’m also still feeling a ton of social anxiety. I have to decide what level of comfort I have with people, and how to communicate that to other people. I thought the tips offered in the article below make a lot of sense.… Read More

Sharing – How Trauma Changes The Brain, According To Experts

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I think this says a lot about the things we hear about survivors often. Their testimonies are riddled with muddled memories, they have a hard time not being hyper-alert all of the time, and they can often have difficulty with mood swings, and emotional outbursts.

I think it’s also important to recognize that for the last year, many of us have also been living with various amounts of trauma. COVID-19, racial and gender violence, political violence, etc, just to name a few things that we’ve all been exposed to in overwhelming fashion, and that trauma is having an impact on our brains, as we speak.… Read More

Sharing – Why cat lawyer and other funny videos help during COVID-19

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As the article says, right now for many of us, there’s a lot of sucky stuff going on. There’s been a lot of sucky stuff going on for a long time. We need something to laugh at. We need something to smile about. We need to know that we can enjoy one moment of life and be ourselves again. So watch more silly videos. Make more stupid jokes. It helps. … Read More

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