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Shared Links (weekly) Jan. 3, 2021

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We need Advocates Now More than Ever

Mental Health Struggles Don’t Take a Holiday

Mental health apps: How to find one that works

Students Feel Anxious About COVID-19. Why Aren’t They Turning to Campus Mental Health Resources For Help?

‘Boys do cry’: Georgie Wileman chronicles the private experience of male depression

Making a Difference One Person at a Time

Talking to your young athletes about sexual abuse

Rural Louisiana communities have less access to mental health care; How groups are closing the gap

My Top 5 Mental Health Lessons For 2021… Read More

Sharing – State Lines Shouldn’t Keep Americans From Getting The Mental Health Help They Need

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That last bit, to me, is really the important part. I’m not saying no one needs proper credentials, and licensing, to offer therapy, but what I am saying is that if the physical location is limiting the ability of people to get care, when we have so many technological tools available to bridge that gap, then something will need to change. … Read More

Sharing – The Benefits of Having Positive Social Interactions

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I can’t remember the last time I had many of those little incidental interactions. Once upon a time they were frequent, multiple times a day. Now?

Yeah, not as much. which is why we need to try and create some of these interactions, even if they can’t always be in person. A few texts back and forth, a quick call, a chat with coworkers on our messaging platform, laughter with the people you do see, etc.

I miss the interactions I used to have, there’s no doubt about that, but I am trying, not always successfully, to make sure I still manage to create some. I know how vital that connectedness is for my own mental health.

I also know I’m not alone in that.… Read More

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