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Shared Links (weekly) April 11, 2021

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National Child Abuse Prevention Month Don’t Wait: Talk to Your Kids About Online Safety

It’s Okay to Get Mad About Mental Health Stigma

Aly Raisman on Healing from Sexual Abuse

Forgotten Memories of Traumatic Events Get Some Backing from Brain-Imaging Studies

How to Keep Kids Safe From Online Sex Traffickers

Racism and Mental Health

How to talk to the men in your life about their mental health

How To Help Someone At Risk Of Suicide : Short Wave

6 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram for Better Mental Health

Simple joys are all around us, but it can be easy to miss them.

Why is child abuse prevention my responsibility?… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) March 21, 2021

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‘No reason for shame’: a survivor speaks up

Thoughts On Stigma: Don’t Underestimate How Big Of A Deal Survival Is

Positive childhood experiences may have greater impact than the bad

Asian American & Pacific Islander Mental Health Resources

Suicide Prevention Efforts: One Year After COVID-19

Advice to Loved one of Someone who is Mentally Ill

58 Of The Best Personal Mental Health Blogs 0f 2021

The Role of Community and Systems in Mental Health Recovery

Melissa & Doug co-founder opens up about her secret struggle… Read More

Sharing – Ending Mental Health Stigma Takes More Than Talking

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Obviously, talking about can lead to these other things. Not talking about it won’t get us anywhere. But we need to do more than talk, we need to figure out better ways to treat people who need it, and make it accessible. That doesn’t happen until all of society understands the importance of it, and is truly educated about it. So, keep talking, but also keep demanding better.… Read More

Sharing – On TikTok, mental health creators are confused for therapists. That’s a serious problem.

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But, if you had a broken arm, you wouldn’t hop online and talk to your life coach. You’d go see a professional to have it treated. There’s a reason for that, just as there should be a reason why, when someone needs mental health advice, they should get it from professionals, and not random people on the internet.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) March 7, 2021

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Introduction to Tanya J. Peterson, Author of ‘Mental Health for the Digital Generation’

Toxic Childhood? 10 Lessons You Must Unlearn in Adulthood

Five tips to keep your children safe online

How To Be Intentional With Social Media Use

Nobody’s Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness

Here’s What Happens When Social Workers, Not Police, Respond To Mental Health Crises

Former Gymnast Sarah Klein Discusses Coach John Geddert’s Sex Abuse Charges… Read More

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