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Shared Links (weekly) Dec 20, 2020

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Ending Stigma about Suicide

Treating trauma early to help children cope down the line

The Cognitive Distortion Which Severely Hinders Recovery

Depression and the Holidays Often Don’t Mix

Coping with Unintentional Mental Health Stigma

Childhood trauma impacts millions of Americans, and it’s having devastating consequences

Toxic Positivity Is on the Rise. Are You Guilty of Spreading It?

Ottawa passes motion to create national, three-digit suicide prevention hotline… Read More

Sharing – Now Is the Time to Re-Examine Stigma About Mental Illness

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We have gotten better at discussing some mental health issues, but there’s still so much more to do. It’s still not safe for too many people to even admit they need help with anxiety and depression, even though right now we all need support. There is still a severe shortage of help available, and we still treat other mental health issues with something other than fear.

If not now, when? Those of us who can share our stories, should be doing exactly that. For all the people who can’t. And, maybe even more, we need to remind the world that these issues affect people everywhere, from all backgrounds. It’s not just Hollywood, and it’s not just on poor neighborhoods, it affects plenty of people that we probably come in contact with every day. People we know, people we love, people we work with, neighbors, friends, family, etc. are, or have been, struggling with their mental health.

Maybe once we convince enough people of that, they’ll care enough to do something about it.… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) Nov. 29, 2020

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Talking Isn’t Enough to Break Mental Health Stigma

We Are All Fighting Invisible Battles

We need to be more careful when talking about suicide and the pandemic

The Radical Punk-Rock Empathy of Lily Cornell Silver

The Surprising Mental Toll of COVID

When Holidays are Hard

The Impact Therapy Has on Dealing with Childhood Trauma

Quick Ways to Make Your Day a Little Better… Read More

Sharing – Abuse of male child not a myth: 17 per cent child sexual abuse cases from Kerala pertain to boys

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I share this article not to pick on India, or Kerala, but because that number, 17 percent, means there are a lot of male victims out there. If we assume, and I know we can, that only a small percentage of victims ever report, that’s a whole lot of victims, who may believe that, because of their gender, they cannot possibly be victims.… Read More

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